Tiger Gang NFT

What is the Tiger Gang NFT and why you should know about it

The Tiger Gang NFT is a project that aims to provide a real utility to NFT tokens by creating a real economy around them. Each token holder will get priority access to the Tiger Gang Metaverse — a game, where players will be able to form their own gangs, run missions, invest in in-game real estate and more. It will incorporate a P2E mechanic, as well as engaging gameplay. This ambitious project mints 1st of January for 0.08 ETH and here is why you should not miss out on it.

an animation showing many different tigers

The collection consists of 10,000 unique tiger gangsters that will be your key to the Tiger Gang Metaverse.

At its core, the Tiger Gang NFT project is a collection of 10,000 avatars/pfps on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each tiger is randomly generated from almost 200 traits that have different rarities.

What’s more, the project aims to create a real utility for the Tiger Gang NFT tokens. The last item in the project’s roadmap is the P2E game that will utilise the NFT tokens as an access pass: If you own at least one token you will have access to the game for free. Non-owners will also have the ability to buy a “visa” to Tiger City — the city where the game takes place. The visa will then grant them access to the game. Token holders will receive 100% of the revenue generated by visa sales.

But almost every project plans to make a P2E game. What makes this stand out?
Token owners, apart from being able to play the game and earn crypto, will be rewarded with dividends earned from the revenue generated by the game. That’s right — a special smart contract will be created that will distribute the earnings among the token holders. The amount you receive will depend on the earnings as well on how many tokens you hold. Players can choose, to either play the game or just collect the passive revenue generated by it. We recommend both.

More information will be published here on Medium as well as on our discord and our website. Make sure to join our discord and follow us on Twitter to become a member of our community. Community members will be rewarded with giveaways and events.

10,000 unique tigers are taking over the Ethereum Blockchain. Join the elite community — visit our website to learn more: www.tigergangnft.com